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FY20 Annual Report on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

2020-07 , Vega García, Susan , University Library , Library

Fiscal Year 2020 was year two of the University Library’s concerted efforts to address diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) issues and cultural competence in the workplace through intentional programming, professional development learning opportunities, and policy change. The library is beginning to see evidence of positive organizational change and how library staff view DEI work as part of everyone’s responsibilities. Much of this positive change is due to the library’s strategic decision in May 2018 to create and staff a DEI leadership position at the AD level and charging that position with leadership, policy, and programming responsibilities. Since that time, one of the most important changes that have taken place among library staff is the recognition that DEI work and learning is relevant to all of us and is part of everyone’s responsibilities. In Spring 2019, the Library underlined that shift by implementing a policy change requiring all library staff to report their DEI efforts on annual evaluations. The Library and all of ISU certainly have much more DEI work to address on numerous fronts but the Library is seeing encouraging results. Below is a summary of FY20 initiatives, achievements, and special project outcomes by Library staff in FY20.

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FY21 Annual Report on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

2021-07-06 , Vega García, Susan , University Library , University Library

Fiscal Year 2021 was a challenging year due to the COVID‐19 pandemic and nationwide unrest. The University Library continued to operate with most staff working remotely for much of the year due to campus closure, with a small core of essential staff working onsite to maintain services such as library material access for the ISU community and our Interlibrary Loan patrons. During this unstable time, the University Library continued to provide DEI professional development learning opportunities to library staff, ISU community, and our national and global partners through our programming, services, and guides. Below is a summary of initiatives, achievements, and outcomes by Library staff in FY21.