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Be a More Productive Writer with Online LaTex

2020-05-15 , Hornbuckle, Brian , Togliatti, Kati , Cirone, Richard , Schares, Eric , Schares, Eric , Agronomy , Reference and Instruction , University Library

Writing a report, thesis, dissertation, journal article, or research proposal can be both intimidating and time consuming. We encourage all scientific writers to consider using a system called LATEX to create written documents because it can make large projects more manageable and increase your efficiency. With the advent on online services, using LATEX is easier than ever before. Online tools have made it possible for all scientists (regardless of computer savviness) to take advantage of its many features. In short, online LATEX could be a game-changer for you! In this article we explain what LATEX is and describe some of its many features that you can use to become a more productive writer