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Darwin’s Citation Impact

2009-02-12 , Pellack, Lorraine , Pellack, Lorraine , Reference and Instruction , University Library

This presentation covered basic definitions of impact factors, citation impact and h index. Then, looked at Charles Darwin’s publication record, the process involved in determining his citation impact, and compared Darwin’s citation impact to that of modern day researchers in ecology and evolutionary biology. Science is continually focusing on current research, new techniques, latest discoveries. Once in a while it’s good to reflect back and re-examine the past.

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Addressing wicked problems in practical ways: Empowering ethical action in higher ed and beyond

2017-09-22 , Stone, Cara , Gruber, Anne Marie , Stone, Cara , Reference and Instruction , University Library

Session Outcomes:

● Participants will be able to identify areas related to social responsibility

● Participants will develop an understanding of how to best approach systemic issues and take concrete action in collaboration with key allies

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Diversity & Inclusion Unconference Session

2017-10-01 , Stone, Cara , Stone, Cara , Reference and Instruction , University Library

Session Information:

Participants will discuss issues of diversity and inclusion as they relate to all types of libraries. This session is an open space for brainstorming, collaborating, and inspiration. The conversation will be flexible and the dialogue will be driven by the participants. Post-its and markers will be made available so that participants can write down their desired discussion topics, which will then become the focus of the session.