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Using an Interdisciplinary Approach to Teach Undergraduates Communication and Information Literacy Skills

2010 , Dinkelman, Andrea L. , Aune, Jeanine E. , Nonnecke, Gail R. , University Library , English , Horticulture

For successful and productive careers, undergraduate students need effective communication and critical thinking skills; information literacy is a substantial component in the development of these skills. Students often perceive communication courses as distinct and separate from their chosen discipline. Faculty from the Departments of English and Horticulture and the library at Iowa State University collaborated in a foundation communication course (English 250). The course incorporates five components—finding information sources; evaluating information sources; and preparing an annotated bibliography, a research paper, and a research poster—all within the context of horticulture. The objective of the collaboration was to integrate communication and information literacy concepts into English 250 and relate these concepts to the students’ discipline of horticulture. Assessment data and focus group discussions strongly validate students’ appreciation for an interdisciplinary approach to teaching communication and information literacy skills within the discipline.

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Academic Library Innovation: A Selective Review

2022-11-18 , Pellack, Lorraine , University Library

This is an intentionally selective compilation of resources and ideas on innovation in academic libraries. The goals of this article are: to demystify innovation in academic libraries by providing a foundation for those wanting to learn more about it; encourage librarians to explore different types of innovation; introduce practical ideas for implementing library workplace innovation (as well as supporting innovation on campus); and provide provocative ideas to help spark creativity locally.

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Open Access Workflows for Academic Libraries

2024 , Goddard, Matthew W. , Brundy, Curtis , University Library

There is a growing acceptance of open access funding models among academic publishers, and a growing adoption of open access publishing agreements among academic libraries. In this context, libraries are taking on new roles and new processes to ensure the successful implementation of open access funding initiatives. This article will examine some of the key issues and considerations in the area of open access workflows, and discuss how one research-intensive library in the United States has approached these new functions.

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Unsub in Real Life: Using Unsub as Part of Serials Decisions and Negotiations

2022-3-29 , Harris, Jessica , Piwowar, Heather , Schares, Eric , Pope, Barbara M. , University Library

This presentation introduced attendees to the benefits and limitations of Unsub, a data analysis tool designed by OurResearch. In this presentation, OurResearch co-founder, Heather Piwowar, demonstrated the use of Unsub for analyzing usage and cost data on a library’s “Big Deal.” The other two presenters, Jessica Harris of the University of Chicago, and Eric Schares of Iowa State University, discussed how they used the tool at their libraries to make collection development decisions for their libraries’ journal subscriptions.