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Development of guidelines for application of swine manure to optimize nitrogen management for corn

1999 , Blackmer, Alfred , Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture

Results from on-farm trials were analyzed to develop guidelines that will help farmers evaluate and improve their manure-N management, including utilizing swine manure as a cost-effective substitute for commercial fertilizer. The experimental methods included use of the late-spring test for soil nitrate and the end-of-season test for cornstalk nitrate to measure N availability at each research site.

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Spring-seeded smother plants for weed control in corn and soybeans

1999 , Buhler, Douglas , Kohler, Keith , Foster, Madonna , Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture

Smother plants are specialized cover crops developed for their ability to suppress weeds and may provide an alternative, non-chemical method of weed control. The goal of this project was to define the characteristics and mechanics of establishing a successful spring-seeded smother plant system and to study and exploit the competitive interactions among weeds, smother plants, and the crop.

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Evaluation of the impact of tillage/cropping systems on soil microflora and week seedbank predation

1999 , Owen, Micheal , Felix, Joel , Hartzler, Robert , Loynachan, Thomas , Tiffany, L. , Moorman, Thomas , Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture

Soil erosion and pesticide use are critical issues in sustainable agriculture. With a view to decreasing the amount of pesticides used for weed control, researchers assessed the impact of tillage, cropping systems and weed management regimes on seasonal and long-term weed and weed seedbank population dynamics, especially in Conservation Reserve Program land being returned to production.