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dc.description.abstract <p>Community and regional planning is a professional field of study aimed at assessing the ever-changing socioeconomic and physical environments of our communities and planning for their future. Planners evaluate and seize opportunities to understand and solve problems. Most planners work at the local level, but they are concerned with issues that affect the world: the preservation and enhancement of the quality of life in a community, the protection of the environment, the promotion of equitable economic opportunity; and the management of growth and change of all kinds.</p> <p><b>History</b><br /> The Department of Community and Regional Planning was established in 1978 when it was split from the Department of Landscape Architecture and Community Planning.</p> <p><b>Dates of Existence</b><br />1978–present</p> <p><b>Related Units</b><br /> <ul><li><a href="">Department of Landscape Architecture and Community Planning</a> (<i>predecessor</i>, 1978)</li></ul>
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dc.title Community and Regional Planning
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organization.legalName Community and Regional Planning
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