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Review of Mastering ArcGIS

2007-01-01 , Haddad, Monica , Haddad, Monica , Community and Regional Planning

Geographic Information Systems technology is very popular among practitioners from a variety of fields. However, the GIS learning process can be complex and challenging, and there is always a need for good learning sources. Mastering ArcGIS is a high-quality contribution for this type of literature, discussing basic theoretical concepts behind the technology and providing hands-on experience using the ArcGIS software from ESRI1. Practitioners who are starting the GIS learning process and instructors for GIS introductory classes that aim to focus on the basics of the technology—comprising theory and practice—will find this book extremely useful. The book is oriented towards improving the skills of users (or future users) of ArcGIS software. Therefore, the concepts presented within the book are, most of the time, ESRIrelated. However one should only consider acquiring this book, if one has access to the software because the book does not include a limited version of ArcGIS.