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Internal mobility and water stresses in Sudan: implications for planning

2004-01-01 , Abdelbasir, Ibrahim , Community and Regional Planning

The distribution of agricultural projects and the accessibility to piped and boreholes water for domestic usages in Sudan fails to deal adequately and equally with the needs of people in the basic nine administrative divisions of the country. The inequality in these two socio-economic sources created an increased inter-provincial migration during the last three decades. This study highlights the influence of accessibility to water for agricultural and domestic uses in the internal migration in Sudan. The study investigated the economic, drought, and famine factors for the internal migration in Sudan as water-related. The context is investigated using what is known as the spearman's rank correlation and student's T-test to elucidate the positive or negative relationship between internal migration and accessibility to water for domestic and agricultural usages. The analysis finds a relationship between internal migration and accessibility to water for both agricultural and household uses. The picture that arises from the analysis is attributed to the unequal opportunities of accessibility to water for household uses, unequal number of irrigated acres allocated for an individual in each province, and to the varying levels of changes in mean annual precipitation between the different regions. The study ends with some suggestions as to how to improve upon the present situation by considering certain environmental and planning implications.