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Factors Preventing Male, African-American, High School Students from Attending Four Year Universities

2017-04-11 , Wilkins, Chandler , Community and Regional Planning

This research focuses on the factors that influence male, African-American, high school students’ decision to continue their education at a four-year university. Although several factors can impact the decision to attend college, this study focuses on the roles of societal factors and individual attributes. Societal factors include influences that are outside the control of individual students, ranging from the amount of resources offered by the high school to the availability of family financial support for college. Individual attributes refers to factors that encourage students to not attend college, but pursue other options such as joining the military service, or opting to work. A survey was sent out to African-American male students at Olympic High School in Charlotte, North Carolina to determine which factor played a larger role. My research showed that societal factors played a larger role in the male’s decisions to attend or not attend a four year university.