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North Central Region 1990: Salmonid Egg and Fingerling Purchases, Production, and Sales

1992 , Kinnunen, Ronald , North Central Regional Aquaculture Center

The North Central Region (NCR) of the U.S. aquaculture industry is growing and changing. Salmonids (salmon and trout) are among the principal fishes currently cultured in the NCR — the rainbow trout being the number one species produced commercially (NCA-23 1987). Though it is relatively small when compared to the Idaho trout industry, trout farming in the NCR adds significantly to agriculture diversity in the region and to the total national production of trout (NCA-23 1987; WASC 1988). To better assist the salmon and trout producers within the NCR, the North Central Regional Aquaculture Center (NCRAC) has established a Salmonid Research Work Group to initiate new research that will benefit the aquaculture industry. The first Work Group meeting decided that a survey of the trout and salmon producers in the 12-state NCR be initiated to document the volume of production of trout and salmon eggs and fingerlings.