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Making Plans for Commercial Aquaculture in the North Central Region

1992-03-01 , Garling, Donald , North Central Regional Aquaculture Center

Aquaculture is not a new concept. Japanese, Chinese, Romans, Egyptians, and Mayan Indians farmed fish for food and recreation prior to 2000 BC. Ponds were constructed and fish were raised much in the same manner as fish are raised today. Both freshwater and saltwater fish are currently raised commercially throughout the world. Other related aquatic products raised commercially are shrimp, crayfish, oysters, clams, worms, crickets, frogs, and some plants. Aquaculture is the general term used to describe the propagation and rearing of aquatic animals and plants in controlled or selected environments. Although aquaculture is increasing in popularity in this country, the vast majority of fisheries food products eaten in the United States are imported or are captured wild stocks from natural waters.