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dc.description Accountants are the business leaders in corporations and governments who manage, analyze, and explain complex information. Accountants are at the forefront of data analytics and lead the planning, evaluating, controlling, and reporting of activities in an entity. The major in accounting is designed to give students a conceptual foundation, developing their financial acumen and analytical skills for use in every facet of business. Students who complete the accounting major are well prepared for careers in industry, government, and the public accounting profession. Accountants both provide and explain useful financial information to internal users (such as managers in a company) and external users (such as investors, creditors, government officials, and the general public). Accounting is an integral part of the management of business and government organizations. Accounting information is needed by external users to make investment decisions, to grant or withhold credit, and in the case of government, to collect revenue and gather statistical information. To provide useful information, accountants collect, analyze, synthesize, and communicate data in an understandable manner. The curriculum in accounting is accredited by AACSB International, the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business.
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