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Iowa's Hit and Run Law Hits Home

2019-01-01 , Euchner, Megan , Accounting

In 2015, a hit-and-run accident in the State of Iowa would prove fatal to a student of Iowa State University. In response to pain and suffering, an attempt to eliminate the loopholes in the Iowa Code 321.263 would prove challenging for prosecution attorney, Jessica Reynolds, State Legislature, Ashley Hinson, and supporting family and friends of the Emmalee Jacobs family. This research aims to provide insight to the history of lobbying in the United States examining methods such as insider and outsider lobbying. Additionally, this reach identifies way in which insider and outsider lobbying can be used effectively to produce favorable outcomes for drafted legislation. Lastly, the research will draw attention to a formerly introduced update proposed as New Section 321.266A later to become bill HF 484. The research will draw conclusions on the effective approach in which lobbying was used to propose change in the hit-and-run laws of Iowa while leaving room for heightened knowledge for the next introduction of Emmalee’s Law.