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Language Teachers’ Health: Emotions and Wellbeing in the COVID-19 Pandemic

2022 , Pardo-Ballester, Cristina , World Languages and Cultures

This chapter documents language teachers’ emotions and wellbeing from the emergency online transition in Spring 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic to the end of Spring 2021. It also looks at how language teachers within the United States perceive the future of teaching languages. 175 educators responded to an anonymous online survey composed of various types of items such as multiple-choice, binary format, selection of multiple answers, and open-ended. Cronbach’s alpha was .717 for 114 items and sub items. Descriptive statistics and repeated measures t-tests were computed to investigate teaching strategies and psychological consequences during the Covid-19 pandemic. The goals of this chapter are twofold: (1) to identify emotions and wellbeing issues that may be affecting language faculties and their success at their United States institutions and (2) to offer general recommendations to high-level administrators that draw upon language teachers’ perceptions and factors that hinder L2 development in language programs.