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The Impact of a Reading Room's Closure on Collection Development

2011-04-01 , Lewin, Heather , Lewin, Heather , Reference and Instruction

This paper discusses the preparations for the closure of Iowa State University's Physical Science Reading Room from the perspective of collection management and development. The anticipated changes to the reading room collection provided an opportunity to analyze the core physical sciences collection in regards to composition, space occupied, and use. Additionally, this paper reviews the data gathered to determine the effects of material accessibility and use on future collection development decisions.

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Diabetes mellitus publication patterns, 1984–2005

2008-04-01 , Lewin, Heather , Lewin, Heather , Reference and Instruction

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Standardizing the Assessment Cycle: The Development of an Assessment Rubric for Effective Project Planning and Data Reporting

2011-01-01 , Passonneau, Sarah , Lewin, Heather , Lewin, Heather , Library Administration

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Learning the Collection: a New Librarian's Experience in Collection Management

2010-10-01 , Lewin, Heather , Lewin, Heather , Reference and Instruction

I am a reference and instruction librarian at Iowa State University with collection development and liaison responsibilities for chemistry, biochemistry, entomology, and natural resource ecology. I recently came to librarianship with an education and three years' experience in biochemistry and biotechnology. During the last four years I have learned that my time in library school did not teach me all that I needed to know to be a successful librarian. The administration at my library has realized that it takes time to acclimate to a new position. It provides training to speed up this transitional period for all incoming librarians and make sure everyone is up to speed in the core competencies of their jobs. Librarians at ISU have written about developing these competencies (Stacy-Bates et al. 2003). There are many great articles that discuss collection projects completed by new librarians and the difficulties faced (Tucker 2004; Kennedy 2008). This is my perspective on this arduous but rewarding process.