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Effect of carbon dioxide on the molting activity of two tick species in the laboratory

1983-09-01 , Holscher, Kenneth , Holscher, Ken , Barker, R. W. , Entomology

The effects of carbon dioxide concentration on the molting activity of Amblyomma americana (L.), and Amblyomma maculatum Koch were investigated. In both species, replete nymphs held in humidity chambers at a high carbon dioxide concentration (ca. 900 pp,) had a 2-4 day delay in peak ecdysis when compared to nymphs held at a low carbon dioxide concentration (ca. 400 ppm). In contrast, replete larvae showed no apparent delay in peak ecydsis [sic.] as a result of increased carbon dioxide concentration. Percent total eclosion was not affected by carbon dioxide concentration in either nymphs or larvae.