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Measuring Business and Professional Communication Skills

2022-04-05 , Coffelt, Tina , Vance, Bremen , English , English

Understanding the expectations of employers contributes to the relevancy of business and professional communication (BPC) courses. Studies that bridge the gap between course content and workplace expectations support this process. This article presents findings from a scale development procedure to analyze BPC skills using a multimodal perspective. Employers (N = 260) were asked what skills they perceive to be communication and how proficient they expect a recent college graduate to be to better understand the expectations that graduates face when entering the job market. The findings have implications for course design, curriculum selection, and program organization.

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Understanding Criteria that Predict Private Health Information Disclosures between Emerging Adults & Their Parents

2021-11-23 , Rafferty, Katherine A. , Miller, Nicole , English , Psychology

As emerging adults transition into adulthood, health becomes a critical topic of conversation between emerging adults and their parents. Researchers need to better understand how this health care management transition occurs. We sampled 316 emerging adult college students from a large Midwestern University and asked them to complete a survey to understand factors that influence emerging adult college students’ private health disclosures to their mother and father. We found that relational quality, reciprocity, and family communication patterns influenced the likelihood of open boundaries between emerging adults and their parents. We discuss theoretical and practical implications of these findings.