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Reflection, Retrospection, and Diversity

2021 , Manning, Maria L. , Prince, Angela , Bassingthwaite, Brenda , Hermes, Susan S. , School of Education

One of the top three “why” questions asked in Google’s search engine of 2020 was “Why was George Floyd arrested?” (Southern, 2020). The top “why” question, however, was “why were chainsaws invented?” While much of the country may be wondering what reasons led to the invention of the chainsaw, it is more interesting that fewer people inquired about an awakening that pushed the country to reconsider racism, diversity, and social justice. The protests during the Summer of 2020 and the controversial transition of presidential power are reminders of deep-seeded challenges in our society. We are at a crossroads in our society that demands we craft a lens to talk to each other in ways that foster a sense of connection and integrate diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences.