The parameters of student legal responsibility as delineated in or developed from reported federal court decisions rendered between February, 1969, and January, 1983

Bartlett, Larry
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The purpose of the study was to review federal court decisions regarding student rights and responsibilities decided and reported between the rendering of the United States Supreme Court decision in Tinker v. Des Moines Independent Community School District and the end of 1982, in an attempt to determine express and inferential delineations of legal responsibilities of students in the public school setting. Special attention was devoted to those decisions which were lost by students and their parents and those which contained expressed and inferential limits on the exercise of students' rights under the constitution. The term "student responsibilities" was used in the study to refer to those aspects of student conduct and discipline over which the power and authority of public school officials are not greatly limited by constitutional constraints;It was determined by the review and analysis of federal court decisions in the thirteen-year period that express and inferential guidelines of student legal responsibilities have been established by the federal courts. Some have been clearly and frequently stated, by the courts, others have been stated with less clarity and less frequency and still others find the federal courts in disagreement. The study contains a listing of student legal responsibilities in each of the three categories.

School management and organization, Professional studies in education, Education (Educational administration)