Life Cycle Assessment for Pavement Sustainable Development: Critical Review

Babashamsi, Peyman
Yusoff, Nur Izzi Md
Ceylan, Halil
Ceylan, Halil
Nor, Nor Ghani Md
Major Professor
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Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering

Certainly, one of the most cost effective and comprehensive infrastructure assets of the build environment is road infrastructure. The environmental impacts of this asset during its lifecycle drive researchers to create a foundational framework to quantify these effects. Life cycle assessment (LCA), a method for the assessment of all modules in a life cycle, has been examined to evaluate all the environmental modules and components of road projects due to constraints of environmental assessments. The enthusiasm for enhancing the sustainable development of basic infrastructure leads to quick expansion on pavement life cycle assessment. An audit of applicable published LCA studies has recognized that environmental modules, such as the usage module (rolling resistance of pavement, carbonation, and albedo), end of life (EOL) module, and components such as traffic congestion during the construction module are not regarded in most of the articles. These modules potentially have the same environmental impact as other regularly considered modules such as materials, transportation, and construction. The goal of this study is to recognize shortfalls in the fields that bolster pavement LCA, to prepare a comprehensive and straight forward methodology, and to provide a basis on which related studies can move forward.


This proceeding is published as Babashamsi, P., Yusoff, N. I. M., Ceylan, H., and Nor, N. G. M. (2015). “Life Cycle Assessment for Pavement Sustainable Development: Critical Review,” The Second AWAM International Conference on Civil Engineering (eco-AICCE'15), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia , September 9-11, 2015. Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 802, pp. 333-338. DOI: 10.4028/ Posted with permission.