The citizen’s almanac: Surviving calamity

White, Connor
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The following is the first 173 pages of a fantasy novel, tentatively titled “The Citizen’s Almanac”. It tells the story of scientist Brenan Harte as he learns about arcana, a powerful substance that powers his world, as well as the mysterious network of ley lines that arcana uses to travel underneath the world’s surface. Harte survives a planet-wide cataclysmic eruption of the ley lines, and attempts to uncover how such an event happened, as well as precautions they can take to prevent another from happening in the future. While fantasy, it is low-magic and instead deals primarily with the politics of the continent as well as the smaller stories of how those affected continue to survive in a rapidly changing world.

While the full story is much longer, this section represents the first third of the first book in a trilogy. It is told in epistolary format, featuring a number of characters’ POV as well as footnotes from the book’s fictional “editor”. As such, they are part of the narrative itself as opposed to citation. I will also include visual materials in the final project, including maps and drawings of the places and things Harte encounters. It is my hope that this project resembles the diaries and histories of ancient, medieval, and frontier texts, similar to the work of Roman historian Polybius, famed explorer Marco Polo, and American mountain man Jim Beckwourth.

Epistolary, Fantasy, Fiction