Nitrous oxide and methane production from denitrifying woodchip bioreactors at three hydraulic residence times Davis, Morgan Martin, Emily Moorman, Thomas Isenhart, Thomas Soupir, Michelle
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dc.description.abstract <p>Denitrifying <a href="" title="Learn more about bioreactors from ScienceDirect's AI-generated Topic Pages">bioreactors</a> remove nitrate (NO3−) from agricultural drainage and are slated to be an integral part of nitrogen reduction strategies in the Mississippi <a href="" title="Learn more about River Basin from ScienceDirect's AI-generated Topic Pages">River Basin</a>. However, incomplete <a href="" title="Learn more about denitrification from ScienceDirect's AI-generated Topic Pages">denitrification</a> can result in <a href="" title="Learn more about nitrous oxide from ScienceDirect's AI-generated Topic Pages">nitrous oxide</a> (N2O) production and <a href="" title="Learn more about anaerobic conditions from ScienceDirect's AI-generated Topic Pages">anaerobic conditions</a> within bioreactors may be conducive to methane (CH4) production via <a href="" title="Learn more about methanogenesis from ScienceDirect's AI-generated Topic Pages">methanogenesis</a>. Greenhouse gas production has the potential to trade excess NO3− in surface water with excess greenhouses gases in the atmosphere. Our study examined N2O and CH4 production from pilot scale (6.38 m3) bioreactors across three <a href="" title="Learn more about hydraulic residence times from ScienceDirect's AI-generated Topic Pages">hydraulic residence times</a> (HRTs), 2, 8, and 16 h. Production was measured from both the surface of the bioreactors and dissolved in the bioreactor effluent. Nitrous oxide and CH4 was produced across all HRTs, with the majority dissolved in the effluent. <a href="" title="Learn more about Nitrous oxide production from ScienceDirect's AI-generated Topic Pages">Nitrous oxide production</a> was significantly greater (<em>P</em> < 0.05) from 2 h HRTs (478.43 mg N2O m−3 day−1) than from 8 (29.95 mg N2O m−3 day−1) and 16 (36.61 mg N2O m−3 day−1) hour HRTs. Methane production was significantly less (<em>P</em> < 0.05) from 2 h HRTs (0.51 g C m3 day−1) compared to 8 (1.50 g C m3 day−1) and 16 (1.69 g C m3 day−1) hour HRTs. The 2 h HRTs had significantly greater (<em>P</em> = 0.05) impacts to climate change compared to 8 and 16 h HRTs. Results from this study suggest managing HRTs between 6 and 8 h in field bioreactors could minimize total greenhouse gas production and maximize NO3− removal.</p>
dc.description.comments <p>This article is published as Davis, Morgan P., Emily A. Martin, Thomas B. Moorman, Thomas M. Isenhart, and Michelle L. Soupir. "Nitrous oxide and methane production from denitrifying woodchip bioreactors at three hydraulic residence times." <em>Journal of environmental management</em> 242 (2019): 290-297.</p>
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dc.title Nitrous oxide and methane production from denitrifying woodchip bioreactors at three hydraulic residence times
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