Economic Sustainability of Inner City Streets: A Collaborative Sustainable Asset Management Transportation System Model

Zakery, Fara
Eisel, Joyce
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The research team developed and created a sustainable asset management transportation system model, focusing on inner-city road conditions related to municipal asset allocation within three St. Louis, Missouri wards. To facilitate the research objectives, the team collaborated with Missouri constituents including the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT), the City of St. Louis Street Department, local government officials, universities, and stakeholders. Selection criteria for roadways included roads, traffic, location, safety, utility, and demographics. A 45-block area was divided into six sections and roads were surveyed, photographed, and evaluated using The Transportation Engineers Association of Missouri’s Pavement Surface Evaluation and Rating (PASER). Necessary street repairs and costs of each repair were calculated using global mapping technology and historical cost data. Since aldermen decide street asset allocations, costs were allocated to each city ward district. These assessments, which were based on a technology-driven model, should assist in the construction of future financial models based on a need projection to dollars spent ratio per fiscal year. It is expected that this economic model will be implemented in the St. Louis Metropolitan Region and replicated by similar municipalities.

asset management; economic development; mapping; resource allocation; sustainable development; texture; Saint Louis (Missouri); city streets; economic model; rating system; road repair; St. Louis streets; transportation system model