Rapport: A system designed to limit digital distraction within romantic relationships

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Collins, Alexandria
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Technology continues to take a more prominent role within our relationships. Although the Internet allows for more connectivity, it also disconnects people from family and friends in face-to-face situations. As mobile digital technologies continue to advance, they create more and more opportunities for distraction and overuse. With an ever-growing market of smart devices with enhanced abilities, it's important that partners are aware of the implications of their use.

To develop a deeper understanding of how digital technology impacts romantic relationships, a digital survey and two data collection studies were administered. Vital information was collected to further develop an understanding of the problems that exist between digital technology and romantic relationships. The data collected helped to outline how relevant digital distraction is within relationships. The data also clearly showed that every relationship is unique and that not every usage problem is the same. The information and data collected were used to create a design solution to help target the issue.

Rapport is designed to help couples with their device usage challenges. It aims to help users identify their individual usage problems and understand how their usage might be affecting their romantic relationships. It also helps users establish realistic goals while developing long-term solutions. Rapport aims to promote positive communication, teach compromise and trust, and develop better device usage habits. The system contains three simple parts: the self- and partner-assessment pages, the Rapport usage tracking device, and the monthly analytic reports. Rapport is also aware of the users' vicinity to their partners. When users are on their devices excessively in the presence of their partners, it helps remind them to disconnect. Rapport's goal is to help minimize digital distraction and promote the importance of face-to-face interaction within romantic relationships.

Tue May 01 00:00:00 UTC 2018