Changing an Electrical and Computer Engineering Department Culture from the Bottom Up: Action Plans Generated from Faculty Interviews

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Frickey, Elise
Rover, Diane
Khokhar, Ashfaq
Jacobson, Douglas
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Zambreno, Joseph
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Political Science
The Department of Political Science has been a separate department in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (formerly the College of Sciences and Humanities) since 1969 and offers an undergraduate degree (B.A.) in political science, a graduate degree (M.A.) in political science, a joint J.D./M.A. degree with Drake University, an interdisciplinary degree in cyber security, and a graduate Certificate of Public Management (CPM). In addition, it provides an array of service courses for students in other majors and other colleges to satisfy general education requirements in the area of the social sciences.
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As leaders in statistical research, collaboration, and education, the Department of Statistics at Iowa State University offers students an education like no other. We are committed to our mission of developing and applying statistical methods, and proud of our award-winning students and faculty.
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The Department of Psychology may prepare students with a liberal study, or for work in academia or professional education for law or health-services. Graduates will be able to apply the scientific method to human behavior and mental processes, as well as have ample knowledge of psychological theory and method.
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Electrical and Computer Engineering

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECpE) contains two focuses. The focus on Electrical Engineering teaches students in the fields of control systems, electromagnetics and non-destructive evaluation, microelectronics, electric power & energy systems, and the like. The Computer Engineering focus teaches in the fields of software systems, embedded systems, networking, information security, computer architecture, etc.

The Department of Electrical Engineering was formed in 1909 from the division of the Department of Physics and Electrical Engineering. In 1985 its name changed to Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering. In 1995 it became the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

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  • Department of Electrical Engineering (1909-1985)
  • Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering (1985-1995)

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Previous research [1] has documented the pressures encountered by STEM faculty at R1 institutions: weighty teaching loads, pressure to “publish or perish,” urgency to obtain funding, mentorship of graduate students, and the stress of promotion/tenure all can have deleterious effects on the well-being and job satisfaction of faculty. Moreover, these pressures interact with the disproportionate barriers faced by underrepresented faculty [2]. Given the predicted growth of faculty positions in coming years (11% from 2018-2028) [3], and that many of these positions will be held by traditionally underrepresented groups of women and persons of color, it is imperative that institutions consider the climate and culture of their departments to best meet the needs of current and future academics. Prior research points to the benefit of collaboration between faculty developers and engineering educators [4], as representation, retention, and satisfaction of diverse faculty have important implications for the education of undergraduate students in STEM as well. The purpose of the present article is to outline a collaborative implementation of a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant-funded program targeting areas of concern in a large Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) Department.


This proceeding is published as Frickey, Elise A., Diane T. Rover, Joseph Zambreno, et al. "Changing an Electrical and Computer Engineering Department Culture from the Bottom Up: Action Plans Generated from Faculty Interviews." Paper no. 29446. 2020 ASEE Virtual Annual Conference. DOI: 10.18260/1-2--34273. Posted with permission.

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