Clustered, Terraced And Mixed Surface Phases Of The Al70Pd21Mn9 Quasicrystal

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The five-fold surface of the Al70 Pd21 Mn9 quasicrystal has been studied using STM, LEED and AES. STM images from surfaces which have been sputtered and annealed to 875 K reveal 20-30 Å protrusions that have been identified by others as Mackay-type clusters. Higher-resolution images reveal substructures in these clusters having dimensions 2-3 Å. Longer annealing times at 875 K produced large areas having flat terraces which were imaged with atomic resolution. The LEED pattern from this surface has sharp spots on a low background, and AES indicates that the surface is deficient in Mn relative to the bulk. For surfaces annealed to 1050 K for less than 2 hours, STM images indicate that cluster and terrace phases coexist, and a third phase having aligned arrays of clusters is identified which appears to be intermediate between the cluster and terrace phases.


This article appeared in MRS Proceedings 553 (1998): 237–244, doi:10.1557/PROC-553-237.

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