The Urban Office Reimagined

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The Department of Industrial Design seeks to teach students to tap creativity for the design of products, systems or services that meet commercial objectives in business and industry. The Industrial Design Program was established in the Department of Art and Design in 2010. In 2012, the Department of Industrial Design was created.
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Honors Projects and Posters
University Honors Program

The Honors project is potentially the most valuable component of an Honors education. Typically Honors students choose to do their projects in their area of study, but some will pick a topic of interest unrelated to their major.

The Honors Program requires that the project be presented at a poster presentation event. Poster presentations are held each semester. Most students present during their senior year, but may do so earlier if their honors project has been completed.

This site presents project descriptions and selected posters for Honors projects completed since the Fall 2015 semester.


Research has shown that public green spaces are vital for growing cities. As population size will continue to increase in urban cities, green spaces have shown to be stress reducers, evoke happiness, as well as major attractors for residents and tourists. While the importance of outdoor urban areas has been demonstrated, there is also a growing trend for businesses to have a neutral workspace for meetings and a change in atmosphere. As parks are looking to reach a broader range of use, there is an opportunity to get people out of their desks to the outdoors while still having the necessary amenities for productivity. The goal of the capstone is to research productivity in offices and the benefits of working outdoors to generate a new collaborative office solution located in a public green space. Working outdoors facilitates informal project collaboration and brainstorming, as well as an open and relaxed culture. This analysis will be guided through the design process to support the research, idea generation and final concept.

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