Magnetostriction and elasticity of body centered cubic Fe100−xBex alloys Clark, A. Lograsso, Thomas Wun-Fogle, M. Restorff, J. Lograsso, Thomas Petculescu, G.
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dc.description.abstract <p>Magnetostriction measurements from 77 K to room temperature on oriented (100) and (110) disk samples of Fe<sub>93.9</sub>Be<sub>6.1</sub> and Fe<sub>88.7</sub>Be<sub>11.3</sub> reveal substantial increases in <em>λ</em><sub>100</sub>compared to iron. For the 11.3% alloy, <em>λ</em><sub>100</sub>=110 ppm, a sixfold increase above that of α-Fe. For the 6.1% alloy, <em>λ</em><sub>100</sub>=81 ppm, ∼40% and ∼170% greater than <em>λ</em><sub>100</sub> of comparable Fe–Ga and Fe–Al alloys, respectively, for <em>H</em>=15 kOe. Large differences exist between the values of <em>λ</em><sub>100</sub> and <em>λ</em><sub>111</sub> (<em>λ</em><sub>100</sub>>0, <em>λ</em><sub>111</sub><0) and their temperature dependencies. Elastic constants, <em>c</em><sub>11</sub>, <em>c</em><sub>12</sub>, and <em>c</em><sub>44</sub>, from 4 to 300 K were obtained on the same Fe–Be alloys. From these measurements, the magnetoelastic energy coefficients <em>b</em><sub>1</sub> and <em>b</em><sub>2</sub> were calculated. While the magnitudes of the magnetostrictions <em>λ</em><sub>100</sub> and <em>λ</em><sub>111</sub> are widely different, the magnitudes of <em>b</em><sub>1</sub> and <em>b</em><sub>2</sub> are within a factor of 2. The Fe–Be alloys are highly anisotropic magnetostrictively, elastically, and magnetoelastically. For Fe<sub>88.7</sub>Be<sub>11.3</sub> at room temperature <em>λ</em><sub>100</sub>/<em>λ</em><sub>111</sub>, 2<em>c</em><sub>44</sub>/(<em>c</em><sub>11</sub>−<em>c</em><sub>12</sub>), and <em>b</em><sub>1</sub>/<em>b</em><sub>2</sub> are −6.6, 3.55, and −1.86, respectively.</p>
dc.description.comments <p>The following article appeared in <em>Journal of Applied Physics</em> 95 (2004): 6942 and may be found at <a href="" target="_blank"></a>.</p>
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dc.title Magnetostriction and elasticity of body centered cubic Fe100−xBex alloys
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