Triggered Screen Restriction: Gamification Framework

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Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering
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The prevalence of sedentary lifestyles is increasingly becoming a significant public health concern, with numerous health risks ranging from obesity to heart disease. Several gamified interventions have been employed to counter sedentary behavior by promoting physical activity. However, the existing approaches have yielded mixed results, making it crucial to explore new methodologies. While existing approaches have utilized gamification elements to encourage activity, they often need a comprehensive blend of psychological elements and advanced technology to drive a meaningful behavioral alteration. This paper introduces the Triggered Screen Restriction (TSR) framework, an interdisciplinary approach integrating behavioral psychology, gamification, and screen-time restriction technologies. The TSR framework aims to elevate gamified physical activity by leveraging the psychological Fear of Missing Out phenomenon, encouraging users to meet specific activity goals to unlock social media applications. The TSR framework presents a promising avenue for future research. The proposed framework’s unique approach is designed to motivate users to be more physically active. The proposed framework fills a literature gap in the current implementation of the gamified physical intervention. Further studies are needed to empirically validate the framework’s effectiveness and potential to contribute to the gamification ecosystem.
This article is published as Majed Hariri and Richard Stone, “Triggered Screen Restriction: Gamification Framework” International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications(IJACSA), 14(11), 2023. doi: Copyright 2023, The Authors. This is an open access article licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.