National Crop Model of Thailand

Stoecker, Arthur
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The development of the national model of crop production in Thailand is the result of a joint effort by staff members of the Division of Agricultural Economics and by the Iowa State University team. This national model could not have been developed without the prior efforts of many individuals. Those efforts include previous assistance provided by the United States Agency for International Development in Thailand before the current project began. The leadership of Dr. Somnuk Sriplung. Director of the Division of Agricultural Economics in Thailand, has been a crucial element in the sector analysis project. The staff members of the DAE had developed and administered a general farm survey before the current sector analysis project began.

Dr. Earl O. Heady devoted considerable preproject time to developing the project and program work and continued to contribute advice and guidance throughout the project.

Iowa State University team members Keith Rogers and LeRoy Blakeslee and numerous DAE staff members worked as a single team to define,analyze and initiate the work program for the construction of the programming models in each of the 19 agroeconomic zones. Transportation and processing costs were estimated by the DAE group assisted by Dennis Conley.

The principal policy issues analyzed in this study were developed under the responsibility of the policy advisor, Charles Framingham. The assistance and cooperation of Dr. Framingham were essential in carrying out this study.

Encouragement and administrative support were provided by Dr. Fletcher Riggs and Mr. David Lundborg of the United States Agency for International Development in Thailand.