Tunnel vision

Stamy, Celinda
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This document is the written component that accompanies the fine art exhibition "Tunnel Vision" that took place from April 14 to April 27, 2014 at the Design on Main Gallery in Ames, Iowa. It investigates how extensive use of technology has disrupted American relationships and experiences with people and the environment. The installation, comprised of oil paintings, vinyl, and LCD projections, prompts viewers to consider why we choose to either engage in synthetic technology or in real, authentic experiences.

This thesis discusses the personal, artistic, spiritual, and narrative influences of the body of work. The overarching themes and processes evident in the installation and within individual works are discussed. My thesis installation takes its viewers on a journey that presents to them a situation in which they will have to make decisions. The intent is to provoke thought concerning these judgments. This installation responds to the need for our collective society to put down the devices and pay attention to the world and people that surround us. It is a juxtaposition of the human and technological interpretations of the world. The familiar and mundane act of participating in the artificial world of our devices has been magnified through this exhibition, and is a reflection of who we have become.

Installation, Journey, Mobile Devices, Painting, Projections, Technology