Synthesis, Crystal and Electronic Structure of Layered AMSb Compounds (A = Rb, Cs; M = Zn, Cd) Owens-Baird, Bryan Wang, Lin-Lin Lee, Shannon Kovnir, Kirill
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dc.description.abstract <p>Synthesis, crystal structure, thermal stability, and electronic band structure of four new metal antimonides <em>AM</em>Sb (<em>A</em> = Rb, Cs; <em>M</em> = Zn, Cd) are reported. CsZnSb and RbZnSb crystallize in the hexagonal ZrBeSi structure type, in a <em>P</em>63/<em>mmc</em> space group (no. 194, <em>Z</em> = 2) and unit cell dimensions of <em>a</em> = 4.5588(2)/4.5466(4) Å and <em>c</em> = 11.9246(6)/11.0999(10) Å. CsCdSb and RbCdSb crystallize in the tetragonal PbFCl structure type in a <em>P</em>4/<em>nmm</em> space group (no. 129; <em>Z</em> = 2) and unit cell parameters of <em>a</em> = 4.8884(5)/4.8227(3) Å and <em>c</em> = 8.8897(9)/8.5492(7) Å. All four compounds are air‐ and water‐sensitive and are shown through DSC measurements to decompose between 975 K and 1060 K. Analysis of the calculated electronic band structure shows that the Zn‐containing antimonides are topologically trivial narrow bandgap semiconductors, whereas Cd‐containing compounds exhibit a band inversion along <em>Γ</em>‐<em>Z</em> direction.</p>
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dc.title Synthesis, Crystal and Electronic Structure of Layered AMSb Compounds (A = Rb, Cs; M = Zn, Cd)
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