Iowa State University alumni contributions: an analysis of alumni giving patterns by selected class years, 1974 and 1979

Dietz, Larry
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The purpose of this study was to examine the characteristics of alumni from the classes of 1974 and 1979 who contributed to Iowa State University. Twelve variables were identified in the research project and the data were tabulated by three types of contributions--giving to athletics, giving to the academic program, and total giving. The results were compared and statistically significant differences were identified;Three general observations were made after reviewing all of the data. First, the class of 1974 seemed to contribute at higher levels than the class of 1979. Second, more alumni gave to the academic program than to the athletic program. Third, of the 72 data sets, 38% produced statistically results;While the statistically significant findings were too numerous to mention, a few overall observations can be made. For the class of 1974, the person most likely to have contributed in total giving had studied agricultural engineering, received benefits through the G. I. Bill, been normally active in a professional organization and an active student honorary, and had anticipated their occupation to be in the life sciences field earning between 50,000 and 100,000 per year;For the class year 1979, the person most likely to have contributed in total giving was a divorced male, who had been involved in an honor society which emphasized scholarship and research. Other significant results were identified but under other giving headings;Several recommendations related to further research were made. The strongest recommendation was to strengthen the existing alumni base. Once this is accomplished to ensure more reliable data, actual prediction of alumni contributions could be possible;In summary, there were significant differences among contributors and non-contributors depending upon the variable and type of contribution examined. Further research needs to be conducted, however, on the topic.