Investigation of technologies to improve the visualization of design documents and construction process

Gao, Zhili
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The process of developing a transportation project contains many sophisticated activities, requiring large volumes of design documents and construction data to be created and communicated. Recently, members of the design and construction project team (e.g., owner, designer, and contractor) have become more interested in improving the communication, coordination, cooperation, and efficiency during the project development and execution process. Computer visualization can be employed to enhance the design and construction process by providing clear documentation and illustrating of project requirements.;This study first examines the shortcomings of current two dimensional (2D) drawings and possible improvements by using color and other approaches to improve the clarity of the drawings. Further, a feasibility study is presented for using object-oriented computer visualization technology to graphically portray standard construction objects. The required information is embedded into each object to completely describe the design details, materials and construction requirements. Applying three dimensional (3D) laser scanning technology to acquire 3D drawings of existing construction is also presented.;The results show that implementing these technologies will lead to safer, more efficient, and higher quality construction projects. The study discusses the benefits and limitations of these technologies, and time and economic analyses are also conducted.

Civil engineering (Construction engineering and management), Construction engineering and management, Civil, construction, and environmental engineering