Farmer Decision Making Strategies for Improved Soil Fertility Management in Maize-Bean Production Systems

Miller, Bradley
Lenssen, Andrew
Mazur, Robert
Tenywa, Moses
Burras, C.
Miiro, Richard
Semalulu, Onesmus
Maria, Ricardo
Mocumbe, Sostino
Abbott, Eric
Lenssen, Andrew
Luvaga, Ebby
Miller, Bradley
Burras, Lee
Yost, Russell
Bello-Bravo, Julia
Pittendrigh, Barry
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Following completion of research experiments on common bean in Uganda, five rainy seasons of community-based field trials enabled farmers to learn about and evaluate improved management practices and technologies for adoption. A multistakeholder bean Innovation Platform continues to develop in membership size, diversity, enthusiasm and capability, with 10 value chain member organizations and 1000+ farmers. In Mozambique, field experiments were completed mid-2017 by IIAM. Two SAWBO video animations were released on research-based farmer-validated bean production recommendations in Uganda and Mozambique and one on jerry can storage for Mozambique. IIAM created and is field testing its first App, focused on bean production recommendations. Project team members presented 14 papers/posters at the Grain Legume Research Conference in Burkina Faso. One M.S. student graduated and two are near completion. One M.S. student and one Ph.D. student are progressing well. Research results are published in peer-reviewed journal articles and a book chapter, with others being prepared. Some will be disseminated in regional/national practitioner and policy outlets in Africa. Training methods and media are ready for dissemination to intermediate and end users. Capacity strengthening through applied research-based training has been successfully conducted.

<p>This is a report from Mazur, R., M. Tenwya, R. Miiro, O. Semalulu, R. Maria, S. Mocumbe, E. Abbott, E. Luvaga, B. Miller, L. Burras, R. Yost, J. Bello-Bravo, and B. Pittendrigh. 2017. Farmer decision making stragegies for improved soil fertility management in maize-bean production systems. Feed the future Innovation Laboratory for Collaborative Research on Grain Legumes. FY2017 Annual Project Technical Progress Report.</p>