Aging Adults: Their wellness needs and how they want them addressed Kendall, Chandler
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dc.description.abstract This cross-sectional study assessed the nutrition and physical activity (PA) needs, practices, and programming preferences of community-residing adults ages 40+ years (n=1250) from seven states. Respondents were mostly educated, White, food secure, adults ages 60+ years. Many were married, suburban-residing, and interested in wellness programming. Over one-half were categorized as “at nutritional risk (NR)” and 37.7% reported PA intention in the next 2 months. Age, education, food security, income, location, and PA attitudes impacted NR and PA intention (p < 0.001). PA intention was also affected by gender and marital status (p < 0.001). Respondents preferred self-directed online lessons and in-person group sessions; age impacted program format preferences (p < 0.05). These results demonstrate a need for wellness programming for adults ages 40+ years. Further, they illustrate the influence sociodemographic attributes have on NR and PA intention that should be addressed through these programs.
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dc.title Aging Adults: Their wellness needs and how they want them addressed
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