Identification of critical issues related to advisory committee composition and role in four-year hospitality education programs

Huss, James
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The purpose of this study was to identify and recommend functions and issues where four-year hotel, restaurant, and institution management advisory committees could provide assistance, support, and consultation;U.S. hospitality education programs currently using advisory committees were selected for participation. Respondents past experience on advisory committees as well as hospitality industry and/or hospitality education qualified them as experts for the study;The research was conducted using the Delphi survey technique. The Delphi process was initiated after qualifying an expert panel of 12 CEOs and 28 members of their advisory committees;Data were collected during a three-round process. The panel members generated 385, 271, and 117 comments, respectively, for each of three rounds to support their response;The panel "strongly agreed" that advising was appropriate on matters regarding employment opportunities, representing a wide range of industry experience, promoting education-industry cooperation, need for industry experience, role to influence legislation, and orientation for committee members. Panel members "disagreed" about advising on scholarship selection and award, program budget expenditures, program curriculum decisions, and setting standards for student scholarships and loans;At the conclusion of the final round, t-tests identified 10 statements where a significant difference (p <.05) occurred between CEOs and advisory committee members within the following issue headings: Finance (3), General activities (2), Industry program assistance (2), Program evaluation (1), Committee composition (1), and Curriculum (1).

Professional studies in education, Education (Higher education), Higher education