"Transparency.org" a Function of Democracy

dc.contributor.advisor Knief, Amanda
dc.contributor.author Brent, Ashley
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dc.date.issued 2021-12
dc.description.abstract The internet has propelled society forward in many areas, like communication, shipping, and navigation. The internet not only simplified our lives, but created new ways to approach problems. However, where the internet has succeeded in connecting people around the world through various forms of social media, it has neglected to connect us to government authorities at even the smallest level. This is a concern because lack of engagement opportunities can cause public disempowerment and dissociation. I believe that taking advantage of the internet’s capabilities is a major way to close the gap between the public and the government. To address this challenge, I have designed a prototype website that shares pertinent information such as: • Who their representatives are, and their contact information • State, County, city, districts line, including the area representatives have jurisdiction over • The schedule of public meetings and voting The website also includes visual maps that corresponds and guides users to the information they seek. My primary focus is at the local level of Florissant, Missouri. The protype website functions as design or pitch of what is possible to easily navigate relevant government information.
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dc.title "Transparency.org" a Function of Democracy
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