Characterization of RNS2, an S-Like RNase in Arabidopsis thaliana suggests role in phosphate recycling

dc.contributor.advisor Gustavo MacIntosh Ohanian, Saralyn
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dc.description.abstract <p>Ribonucleases play important biological roles within all organisms but many have not been well characterized. The family of T2 RNases is well-conserved throughout the kingdoms of life and yet their properties and functions are not well understood. RNS2 is one of five such RNases found in Arabidopsis, and preliminary evidence shows that it may be involved in phosphate recycling and localized to an intracellular compartment. Using rns2 knock-out mutant plants, I showed that RNS2 has an effect on flowering time during times of phosphate starvation. I also showed that RNS2 is localized to the ER, more specifically, to ER-bodies. To explore the hypothesis that a homologous gene from C. elegans (CeRNS) plays a role in RNAi in nematodes I used RNAi to reduce CeRNS expression, but I did not observe obvious phenotype abnormalities. Additionally, I did not observe consistent effects of CeRNS RNAi on C. elegans' response to RNAi.</p>
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dc.title Characterization of RNS2, an S-Like RNase in Arabidopsis thaliana suggests role in phosphate recycling
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