Textile and Apparel Students' Intolerance of Ambiguity in Comparison to Perceived Aptitude for Creativity.

dc.contributor.author Robinson, Joyce
dc.contributor.author Muhammad, Amanda
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dc.description.abstract <p>This pilot study examines textile and apparel (T&A) students' perceived aptitude for creativity and tolerance of ambiguity in comparison to non-T&A majors. Based on the understanding that individual's tolerance of ambiguity is related to other individual traits such as creativity, this study aimed to assess T&A students' perception of creativity in comparison to their levels of tolerance of ambiguity. Founded on expectations for future T&A professionals, this study investigated two hypotheses: H1: T&A students will have a greater tolerance of ambiguity than Non-T&A students. H2: T&A students self-rating of AC will be higher than Non-T&A students self-rating of AC. T&A students' higher tolerance of ambiguity may be an indication of their ability to succeed in the industry, which requires dealing with ill-defined problems. However, a teaching professional must challenge students in developing wider ranges of approaches to problem solving that will enable their creativity-relevant skills and perceptions of abilities.</p>
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dc.title Textile and Apparel Students' Intolerance of Ambiguity in Comparison to Perceived Aptitude for Creativity.
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