The Magnitude of the Testing Effect Is Independent of Retrieval Practice Performance Chan, Jason Davis, Sara Yurtsever, Asli Myers, Sarah
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dc.description.abstract Practicing retrieval is a potent learning enhancer. Theoretical accounts of the testing effect generally suggest that the magnitude of the testing effect is dependent on retrieval practice performance, such that conditions that promote better retrieval practice performance should result in a greater testing effect. Empirical evidence, however, has been mixed. Although some studies showed a positive association between retrieval practice performance and the testing effect, others have shown either no relation or the reverse. In the present study, we experimentally manipulated retrieval practice performance using a retrieval-based response deadline manipulation and an encoding-based study trial manipulation. Across six experiments, the magnitude of the testing effect was independent of retrieval practice performance. However, when we aggregated the data across the experiments, participants with superior retrieval practice performance showed a greater testing effect—an individual difference. This dissociation between experimental and correlational outcomes suggests that the positive relation between retrieval practice performance and the testing effect is not causal, and indeed, simulation data showed that the correlation between retrieval practice performance and testing effect was an artifact. We discuss the challenges these findings present to existing accounts of the testing effect.
dc.description.comments This article is published as Chan, J. C. K., Davis, S. D., Yurtsever, A., & Myers, S. J. (2024). The magnitude of the testing effect is independent of retrieval practice performance.Journal of Experimental Psychology: General. Advance online publication. Posted with permission. <br>This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-No Derivatives 4.0 International License (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0; This license permits copying and redistributing the work in any medium or format for noncommercial use provided the original authors and source are credited and a link to the license is included in attribution. No derivative works are permitted under this license.
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dc.title The Magnitude of the Testing Effect Is Independent of Retrieval Practice Performance
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