Rotary tiller slot planter and method for using the same

Buchele, Wesley
Buchele, Wesley
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The rotary tiller slot planter of the present invention comprises a subsoiler shank positioned to engage the soil and make a trench therein. A pair of rotary tiller blades are rotatably mounted on the opposite sides of the sub-soil shank in planes parallel thereto. The center-lines of the rotary tiller wheels are located behind the subsoil shank. Each of the wheels have a plurality of blades extending radially outwardly from the rotational axis thereof and terminating in outer radial ends which engage the soil slightly ahead of the subsoiler shank and adjacent the lateral edges of the trench. A seed tube shank is positioned behind the subsoiler shank and between the tiller wheels. The seed tube shank has a lower end positioned to extend below the soil surface. A seed tube is positioned behind the seed tube shank for depositing seed in the soil. The rotation of the blades on opposite sides of the subsoil shank causes the soil to be mechanically aggregated and aerated and helps prepare a seed bed for the seeds. Also, the rotating tiller blades chop the debris which may be along the trench and throw soil backwards so as to cover the planted seed. Shorter rotary blades on the tiller wheels are shaped to throw debris and the upper one-half inch of soil sideways away from the row.