Genetic Variation Among Chicken Lines and Mammalian Species in Specific Genes

Zhou, H.
Liu, W.
Lamont, Susan
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Animal Science
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Thirteen gene-specific primer sets provided by the U.S. Poultry Genome Coordinators were used to investigate DNA polymorphisms between two highly inbred chicken lines of Leghorn and Fayoumi origin. Nucleotide and predicted amino acid sequences were then compared among these chicken lines and the Genbank sequences of chicken, mouse, and human. The following genes were selected as candidates for immune response or transcription activation: B2M, DAD1, IAP1, IL2, IREB1, LAP18, MAFL, POU1F1, RREB1, TAD, TBP1, TCRG, and ZOV3. Total cDNA was obtained from the spleens of Leghorn and Fayoumi lines by reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and was used as a template to PCR-amplify gene-specific products. All primers except POU1F1 and TCRG generated single PCR products of the predicted 325- to 667-bp size, confirming the efficacy of these gene-specific primers in the chicken. Three and seven of the 11 amplified gene fragments yielded line-specific nucleotide polymorphisms between the Leghorn and Fayoumi sequences and between the Leghorn and Genbank chicken sequences respectively. Similarities between inbred Leghorn and mammalian species were 36 to 86% for nucleotides and 25 to 96% for predicted amino acid sequence. The polymorphisms of some gene fragments between the Leghorn and Fayoumi lines will allow for investigation of associations of these genes with immune response and other biological traits.


This article is published as Zhou, Huaijun, Wei Liu, and Susan J. Lamont. "Genetic variation among chicken lines and mammalian species in specific genes." Poultry Science 80, no. 3 (2001): 284-288. DOI: 10.1093/ps/80.3.284. Posted with permission.

inbred chicken line, immune response, candidate gene, nucleotide sequence, amino acid sequence