FERPA: an investigation of faculty knowledge levels and organization practices at three land-grant universities

Maycunich, Ann
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The purpose of this study was to examine faculty member understanding of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. FERPA, also known as the Buckley Amendment, protects students' rights to privacy. Data was collected from a random sample of 390 faculty members at three land-grant universities. Frequencies, percentages, and Chi-square were used to measure perceptions of faculty member knowledge levels of the law, the providers of FERPA information and means by which this information was communicated, and respondent opinions regarding who should provide them with FERPA information and how. Major findings of the study were: 1. Nearly half of responding faculty members were not familiar with FERPA. 2. Faculty members report receiving FERPA information from a variety of sources and via many different methods, none of which have significantly impacted their knowledge of the law. 3. Faculty members' preferences for provider(s) of FERPA information and methods of communication were diverse, reflecting the range of learning styles. 4. A multi-faceted training and development program that caters to the learning styles of faculty members will be required to adequately meet the needs of this diverse population.

Educational leadership and policy studies., Education (Educational leadership), Educational leadership