Celestial Indigo

dc.contributor.author Haar, Sherry
dc.contributor.author Andrews, Emily
dc.contributor.author Martin, Tracey
dc.contributor.author Hankerson, Jeanne
dc.contributor.author Sandord, Bianca
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dc.date.issued 2018-01-01
dc.description.abstract <p>Celestial Indigo</p> <p>Sherry Haar and Emily Andrews, Kansas State University</p> <p>Tracey Martin, Threads of Evolution, Scottsdale, AZ</p> <p>Jeanne Hankerson, SJ Couture, Scottsdale, AZ and Bianca Sanford, FABRIC, Tempe, AZ</p> <p>Keywords: capping, indigo, fructose, fermentation vat, refashion, sustainability</p> <p>The dress, <em>Celestial Indigo</em>, was the result of a collaborative effort between a book author, designer, stitcher, and natural dyers. Tracey Martin (2017), author of <em>Sustainable in Stilettos</em>, is passionate about a book cover’s intrinsic messages. <em>Celestial Indigo</em>, created for Martin’s book cover, holds messages of refashioning, versatility, natural color, and collaboration. A halter dress was refashioned by designing a skirt overlay from silk chiffon torn into strips and through coloration with indigo. The indigo vat was a fermentation vat with fructose as the reducing agent and calcium hydroxide for alkalinity. Sustainable advantages of the fructose fermentation vat compared to a chemical vat are no harsh chemicals (i.e., thiourea dioxide and lye) and elimination of heat beyond initial reduction. To protect undyed and dyed areas, as well as manage the gown bulk, fabric sections were capped with plastic and secured with rubber bands and string.</p>
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dc.title Celestial Indigo
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