Long glass fiber embedment in polycarbonate thermoplastic

dc.contributor.advisor William Wolansky
dc.contributor.author Lee, Jeong
dc.contributor.department Industrial Education and Technology
dc.date 2018-08-16T15:02:02.000
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dc.description.abstract <p>The study was designed to investigate the effects of time and temperature on the mechanical property of hardness of a polycarbonate (thermoplastic) matrix, to achieve an 80% glass loading to a 20% wet-out for the polycarbonate pre-impregnated rod, to develop the prototype pultrusion equipment for polycarbonate pre-impregnated rod, and to develop the prototype pulforming equipment for polycarbonate fibersteel composite rod. Fibersteel rod is composed of seven pre-impregnated rods twisted into a spiral shape to act as a substitute for steel reinforcement rod in concrete;A polycarbonate matrix which had been solvent treated was tested according to Rockwell Hardness Test (ASTM 785). An 80% glass loading was achieved by implementing a resin wet-out tank, which contains rollers designed to spread and submerge fibers in a polycarbonate/solvent solution. Percent of glass loading was obtained according to Ignition Test (ASTM 2584). Prototype pultrusion and pulforming equipment was designed and built at Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa;There were significant differences among all different temperature and speed combinations for the Rockwell Hardness on the polycarbonate matrix. An 80% glass loading was achieved for long glass fiber embedment in a polycarbonate pre-impregnated rod. Processing parameters have been established for both the pultrusion and pulforming processes.</p>
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dc.title Long glass fiber embedment in polycarbonate thermoplastic
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