Effect of Dietary Soybean Oil Inclusion on Liver-Related Transcription Factors in a Pig Model for Metabolic Diseases

Reecy, James
da Silva, Bruna Pereira Martins
Gomes, Julia Dezen
Ciconello, Fernanda Nery
de Almeida, Vivian Vezzoni
Freitas, Felipe André Oliveira
Moreira, Gabriel Costa Monteiro
Silva-Vignato, Bárbara
Afonso, Juliana
Reecy, James
Koltes, James
Koltes, Dawn
Regitano, Luciana Correia de Almeida
Baileiro, Julio Cesar de Carvalho
Freitas, Luciana
Coutinho, Luiz Lehmann
Fukumasu, Heidge
de Alencar, Severino Matias
Luchiari Filho, Albino
Cesar, Aline Silva Mello
Major Professor
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© Author(s) 2022
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Animal Science
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Animal Science
The objective of this study was to identify key transcription factors involved in lipid metabolism and immune response related to the differentially expressed genes (DEG) from the liver samples of 35 pig model for metabolic diseases fed diets containing either 1.5 or 3.0% soybean oil (SOY1.5 or SOY3.0). A total of 281 DEG between SOY1.5 and SOY3.0 diets (log2fold-change ≥ 1 or ≤ −1; FDR-corrected p-value < 0.1) were identified, in which 129 were down-regulated and 152 were up-regulated in SOY1.5 group. The functional annotation analysis detected transcription factors linked to lipid homeostasis and immune response, such as RXRA, EGFR, and SREBP2 precursor. These findings demonstrated that key transcription factors related to lipid metabolism could be modulated by dietary inclusion of soybean oil. It could contribute to nutrigenomics research field that aims to elucidate dietary interventions in animal and human health, as well as to drive the food technology and science.
This preprint is from Fanalli, S.L.; da Silva, B.P.M.; Gomes, J.D.; Ciconello, F.N.; de Almeida, V.V.; Freitas, F.A.O.; Moreira, G.C.M.; Silva-Vignato, B.; Afonso, J.; Reecy, J.; Koltes, J.; Koltes, D.; Regitano, L.C.D.A.; Baileiro, J.C.D.C.; Freitas, L.; Coutinho, L.L.; Fukumasu, H.; de Alencar, S.M.; Luchiari Filho, A.; Cesar, A.S.M. Effect of Dietary Soybean Oil Inclusion on Liver-Related Transcription Factors in a Pig Model for Metabolic Diseases. Preprints 2022, 2022020149 (doi: 10.20944/preprints202202.0149.v1). This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.
immune response, fatty acid, lipid metabolism, RNA-Seq, transcriptome