Microfluidic Seeding of Cells on the Inner Surface of Alginate Hollow Microfibers

Taghavimehr, Mehrnoosh
Hashemi, Nicole
Taghavimehr, Mehrnoosh
Montazami, Reza
Hashemi, Nicole
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Mimicking microvascular tissue microenvironment in vitro calls for a cytocompatible technique of manufacturing biocompatible hollow microfibers suitable for cell-encapsulation/seeding in and around them. The techniques reported to date either have a limit on the microfiber dimensions or undergo a complex manufacturing process. Here, a microfluidic-based method for cell seeding inside alginate hollow microfibers is designed whereby mouse astrocytes (C8-D1A) are passively seeded on the inner surface of these hollow microfibers. Collagen I and poly-d-lysine, as cell attachment additives, are tested to assess cell adhesion and viability; the results are compared with nonadditive-based hollow microfibers (BARE). The BARE furnishes better cell attachment and higher cell viability immediately after manufacturing, and an increasing trend in the cell viability is observed between Day 0 and Day 2. Swelling analysis using percentage initial weight and width is performed on BARE microfibers furnishing a maximum of 124.1% and 106.1%, respectively. Degradation analysis using weight observed a 62% loss after 3 days, with 46% occurring in the first 12 h. In the frequency sweep test performed, the storage modulus (G′) remains comparatively higher than the loss modulus (G″) in the frequency range 0–20 Hz, indicating high elastic behavior of the hollow microfibers.
This is the published version of the following article: Aykar, Saurabh S., Nima Alimoradi, Mehrnoosh Taghavimehr, Reza Montazami, and Nicole N. Hashemi. "Microfluidic Seeding of Cells on the Inner Surface of Alginate Hollow Microfibers." Advanced Healthcare Materials: 2102701. DOI: 10.1002/adhm.202102701. Copyright 2022 The Authors. Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0). Posted with permission.