Effect of Recombinant Human Cytokines on Porcine Neutrophil Function

dc.contributor.author Coe, Nancy
dc.contributor.author Frank, Dagmar
dc.contributor.author Roth, James
dc.contributor.author Roth, James
dc.contributor.department Veterinary Microbiology and Preventive Medicine
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dc.date.issued 1993-06-01
dc.description.abstract <p>The activity of four recombinant human cytokines on porcine neutrophils was evaluated. Porcine neutrophils were treated with varying doses of recombinant human tumor necrosis factor-alpha (rHu-TNF), interferon-gamma (rHu-IFN), interleukin-8 (rHu-IL-8), or granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor (rHu-GM-CSF). The function of treated neutrophils was compared with that of non-treated controls in the following assays: antibody-independent neutrophil cytotoxicity (AINC), antibody-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity (ADCC), iodination, <em>Staphylococcus aureus</em> ingestion, cytochrome C reduction, random migration, and chemotaxis. Treatment with rHu-TNF produced significant (<em>P</em> < 0.05) depression of neutrophil random migration (2.5, 25, and 250 ng ml<sup>−1</sup> rHu-TNF) and iodination (250 ng ml<sup>−1</sup>) and a near significant (<em>P</em> = 0.08) depression in ADCC (250 ng ml<sup>−1</sup>). Treatment with 25 000 U ml<sup>−1</sup> of rHu-IFN caused a significant increase in AINC. At lower doses of rHu-IFN, there was a trend (0.05 < <em>P</em> ≤ 0.08) toward depression of AINC (250 U ml<sup>−1</sup>) and ADCC (25 U ml<sup>−1</sup>) and enhancement of iodination (250 U ml<sup>−1</sup>). Treatment with 50 ng ml<sup>−1</sup> of rHu-IL-8 caused a near significant increase (<em>P</em>= 0.06)<em>M</em> in AINC. There were no significant differences noted when porcine neutrophils were treated with rHu-GM-CSF (2.5–2500 U ml<sup>−1</sup>). No synergism was noted between rHu-TNF and rHu-IFN.</p>
dc.description.comments <p>This article is from <em>Veterinary Immunology and Immunopathology</em> 37 (1993): 39, doi:<a href="http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/0165-2427(93)90014-U" id="x-ddDoi" target="_blank">10.1016/0165-2427(93)90014-U</a>.</p>
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dc.subject.disciplines Veterinary Microbiology and Immunobiology
dc.subject.disciplines Veterinary Preventive Medicine, Epidemiology, and Public Health
dc.title Effect of Recombinant Human Cytokines on Porcine Neutrophil Function
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