Standardization of ISU Transportation Services Maintenance Shop

Schlarbaum, Kyle
Streicher, Blake
Koziel, Jacek
Worthingston, Zach
Young, Brett
Vanstrom, Joseph
Koziel, Jacek
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Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering

University Transportation Services offers a wide range of safe and economical rental vehicles to assist Iowa State University faculty, staff, and students in conducting university-related business along with many other organizations in and around the state of Iowa. As the population of Iowa State University increases, so must the size of ISU Transportation Services’ fleet of vehicles. Transportation Services has requested a review of their current processes to ensure the ability to meet changing demands Iowa State University is presenting. ISU Transportation Services is looking to have their common operations standardized through the creation and implementation of standard operating procedures. ISU Transportation Services is responsible for the maintenance of a 575-vehicle fleet. In an effort to prevent their vehicles from having issues on the road, all vehicles will pass through their two-bay cleaning shop and then the three-bay service shop, on an as needed frequency dependent upon multiple use factors. Due to this increasing amount of service work, ISU Transportations Services is open to new ideas to meet the changing demands. ISU Transportation Services hopes that through this project, they will be able to continue to exceed their customer’s expectations. As a group, we have arrived at the conclusion that most other mechanic shops are faced with an issue that is similar to the one ISU Transportation Services is currently facing. Though we are in agreeance with this, we are aware that this issue is not identical from one shop to another. ISU Transportation Services’ mechanic shop focuses on preventative maintenance and outsources responsive maintenance when needed, this concept means our solution will not likely be transferable to a different shop.